First iKEA® Kitchen Installation Service in Florida | 
First iKEA® Kitchen Installation Service in Florida | 

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Kitchen Craft LLC is a unique service that is exclusive in Ikea kitchen design, assembly and installation. We’re an independent Ikea kitchen installation service provider. Over many years in business, we maintained our great reputation. It is easy to check our portfolio, expertise, reviews, and have zero doubt that we are who we are. Reputation like no other.

We are on a mission to prove that we continuously provide great service in Ikea kitchen design assembly and installation. Year after year and are here available to you direct. Not via stores.

Our Ikea kitchen cabinet service is here for customers that want to hire the best for the job. We don’t have a complicated corporate structure. Email us your Ikea kitchen design, or link via Ikea home/kitchen planner, notes and your zip code and we will get back to you with our installation quote.

We are on a mission to prove that we provide excellent service in Ikea kitchen design assembly and installation, year after year and are here to stay.

Our Ikea kitchen cabinet service is here for customers that want to hire the best for the job and customers that don’t want to take chances or experiment with their dream kitchen project.

Kitchen Craft LLC’s Independent Ikea Kitchen Installation Service


Kitchen Craft LLC was offering IKEA kitchen measure, plan, assembly and installation services in Florida even before Ikea opened its first store in the state.

We are here today and still servicing most of Florida as your Ikea kitchen cabinet installers.

We are fully independent and available to customers directly. 

Your Trusted Local Ikea Kitchen Installer

We love what we do, and our crews love to drive to you in the Sunshine State

Available to service customers that prefer our expert service.

Expert Service by our Professional Team. 

Sorry we don’t do partial installations or repairs. We don’t go behind others. Hire the right team.

$1,000 Ikea cabinet install job is our minimum.

We show up on time as scheduled we complete the installation of your Ikea kitchen cabinets and finish carpentry, and we move on to another job. We are professional, fast, clean and efficient.

Nobody in the state of Florida has more practice and expertise with Ikea kitchen cabinet assembly and installations than we do. 

Our team is experienced in all aspects of Ikea kitchen cabinet assembly, installation and customization.

We don’t subcontract our jobs. If you hire Kitchen Craft LLC to install your Ikea kitchen, that is who is entering your home, and that is who does that job your hired us to do. In and out. Experts.

Certified kitchen installer, screened, licensed and insured professionals, verifiably stellar small business reputation.

Even if you are doing the complete renovation or remodeling but want to make sure your Ikea kitchen is installed correctly and efficiently you are far better off insisting on proven experts installing your kitchen rather than take a risk of your general contractor sub hiring some inexperienced and unknown crew to attempt the task. If you want it done right and you want your kitchen to look great, work well and last a long time, do the smart thing and hire our expert team.

We don’t work for IKEA, we don’t sell any products, and we are not interior designers nor a free helpline. We are experts in Ikea kitchen installations service for those that need such. Send us a plan for a free quote or inquire about the plan. 1-2-3. Expert service. If you have a specific question about our service, please inquire via email about it.
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Disclaimer: We are no longer affiliated with IKEA | Kitchen Craft LLC is now your independent IKEA Kitchen Installer
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