First iKEA® Kitchen Installation Service in Florida | 
First iKEA® Kitchen Installation Service in Florida | 

How to Successfully Design an Ikea Kitchen

Kitchen Craft LLC is your trusted independent IKEA kitchen installer. We only install IKEA kitchens in the greater Florida area, and we are experts at it. We can help you transform your kitchen from blah to wow! Here’s what you need to do to successfully design your IKEA kitchen.

Measure, then measure again 

The key to a good installation is careful measurements. You will be transferring your measurements to the IKEA online Kitchen Design Planning Tool so you want to be careful. Ideally, you would measure with the kitchen area empty because the existing cabinets and other parts of the kitchen will make measuring more of a challenge. 

When measuring take into account existing baseboards, electrical outlets, doors, windows, and any other features which will impact how the kitchen is designed. On a limited basis Kitchen Craft LLC can assist you with the measuring and design phases but contact us first to determine our availability as we cannot provide this paid service in all areas.

Plan the kitchen layout 

Kitchens should be functional as well as good looking. The dishwasher should be next to the sink, drawers for cooking utensils should be next to the stove, and so forth. Figure out where you want your refrigerator and other major appliances, because cabinets are then designed to fit around them. This assumes you are rearranging your kitchen — if you like it the way it is, then plan just for your new cabinets.

Why use IKEA cabinets? 

Unless you crave solid wood or a specialty cabinet material, using IKEA cabinets can save you a lot of money. They use particleboard covered in a laminate. It’s very durable and easy to clean, but you won’t have the upfront high cost of solid wood. Also, keep in mind that IKEA cabinets cannot be purchased in custom sizes, so you may need a filler piece here and there to match the dimensions of your kitchen.

Send Kitchen Craft LLC your IKEA kitchen design — When you have finished using the IKEA Kitchen Design Planning Tool and you have a completed design, contact Kitchen Craft LLC to schedule your IKEA kitchen installation and you can then send us your design from the Planning Tool. 

If you plan to have an IKEA kitchen, consider Kitchen Craft LLC for your installation. We love IKEA kitchens and are the only independent installer in Florida who exclusively installs the IKEA brand. For more information email us today at



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