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First iKEA® Kitchen Installation Service in Florida | 
IKEA Kitchen and Island Installed in Sarasota

Kitchen Islands Add Storage and Convenience

In recent years, the kitchen island has been a popular choice for remodeled or redesigned homes. Kitchen islands add convenience, storage, and space to a room, and are also pleasing to look at. Learn more about kitchen Installation and islands by reading on.

Having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen is nice, but a functional kitchen is what is most important. Kitchen islands improve counter space, allowing you to prepare meals and serve guests with greater ease. The kitchen islands can also feature drawers and cabinets, meaning you have more space for storing pots, pans, kitchen appliances, food, silverware, and so on. Kitchen islands also offer seating. If you have a smaller kitchen that doesn’t have space for a table, an island is a great way to make the most of the space you do have. Place stools around your island so friends and family can enjoy your company while cooking, while also having a place to eat when the food is finished.

Some islands come with fancier features. For example, some people choose to install an extra sink on their island. This is great for avid chefs who need space for dishes, washing their hands, and preparing food. Other people install microwaves into their islands to save space. You can even create an island with a stovetop to make the most of your kitchen space.

If you purchased a kitchen island from Ikea, let Kitchen Craft LLC install it. We are certified, licensed, and insured. Our staff is made up of individuals trained specifically to install Ikea pieces. Instead of risking incorrect installation, let the professionals handle the job by giving us a call at Kitchen Craft LLC. We are the best IKEA kitchen installation service in Florida.
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